FlashDialler for ConnectWise

The first telemarketing solution developed exclusively for MSPs using ConnectWise Manage.

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Increase call rates


Protect data


Maintain data integrity


Monitor performance

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Increase call rates

A simple point and click interface helps salespeople to rapidly progress through campaigns by automatically creating activities, follow-ups, appointments, opportunities, configuration data, emails and more. This can significantly increase per/hr call rates whilst keeping ConnectWise Manage perfectly up-to-date in the background.


Maintain data integrity

Ensuring salespeople enter data correctly into ConnectWise can be a challenge. FlashDialler is seamlessly integrated with ConnectWise Manage, utilising Activities, Companies, Contacts, Sites, Campaigns, Configurations, Calendars and Opportunities - all in real-time. Data is entered correctly for every call, without even thinking about it.


Monitor performance

An elegant dashboard and real-time reporting provides an easy method of viewing your teams performance.


Protect your data

Your data is one of your greatest assets. FlashDialler protects it by limiting access to your ConnectWise data and giving you the control to manage which records your team have access to.


How Much Does It Cost?

For users that wish to make calls, a FlashDialler licence is just £45 or $60 USD, per user, per month.

Licences are free for those users that simply need to access reports or configure settings.

You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

1 month free trial.

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Frequently asked questions

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  • Can I see FlashDialler in action?

    Sure. Just drop us an email using the form on this page and we'll be happy to schedule a web demonstration with you.

  • I see you're based in the UK. Will you be able to support other countries?

    Absolutely. Thanks to the internet, the world has become a smaller place. We're currently working with MSPs in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Europe.

  • Do I need a ConnectWise licence to use FlashDialler?

    Yes. FlashDialler has been specifically designed to work alongside ConnectWise and utilises many of the built-in ConnectWise features.

  • I don't use ConnectWise. Can I still use FlashDialler?

    No. There is currently no way of using FlashDialler without being a ConnectWise user, however there are plans to develop a standalone system in the future and also integrations with other PSA systems.

  • Can I customise FlashDialler?

    Yes. You can create your own call outcomes, email templates, configuration questions - all on an individual campaign basis, ensuring FlashDialler dovetails perfectly with your existing processes.

  • What does it Cost?

    Users that wish to login and not make calls i.e. Managers, will not require a licence. A licence for users that wish to make calls is just £45 per user, per month (approximately $60 USD at current exchange rates). You're free to cancel your subscription at any time.

  • How does the licensing work? Can I share a licence between my sales team?

    Licences are allocated to a specific user. A licence is only required for users that wish to make calls. All other users i.e. Administrators and Managers will not require a licence.

  • What is the Beta program that I've heard about?

    FlashDialler launched in November 2017 and was in Beta trials until July 2018. These trials have now ended and the product is in full launch.

1 month free trial

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